Theptarin is Thailand’s leading center for diabetes care and management. Aside from providing comprehensive patient services from disease prevention to treatment, it also serves as a training center for students and personnel from other healthcare institutions within Thailand.

In 2011, Theptarin was recognized by the World Diabetes Foundation, Denmark, as one of its appointed conters of excellence for the training of healthcare professionals from other Southeast Asian countries and beyond. The Thai government has, likewise, given Theptarin the mandate to train its staff nationwide in running behaviour modification activities in relation to disease prevention.

Theptarin Hospital was founded in 1985 by Professor Thep Himathongkam, MD, FACE, FACE with the goal of creating a model for holistic treatment for diabetes in Thailand. The model emphasized the importance of education, not only physicians, but patients as well as the most effective treatment of diabetes requires consistent, round the clock monitoring and support.

Theptarin Hospital was first opened as a diabetes and thyroid clinic with 8 beds for overnight stay. In Thailand, they pioneered the concept of a diabetes care team composed of an endocrinologist a nurse educator, and a dietitian Founded on the principles of excellent service, as well as focus on education and research, the hospital grew to become a full-fledged hospital in 1992, with 80 beds and offering 24-hour service.

The diabetes care team has likewise grown to include a foot care specialist and an exercise specialist. They have likewise acquired new skills and equipment to provide novel services such as distal bypass surgery and hyperbaric medicine, and opened Thailand’s first foot clnic to provide foot care services specializing in diabetic foot wound care and prevention.

In 2005, Theptarin Hospital opened its “Lifestyle Building” to offer a total lifestyle approach to preventing diabetes and related chronic diseases. In this new structure, Theptarin Hospital opened MEDE Health Solution Club and Nutrition and Dietetics Center to put focus on disease prevention through healthy living, behaviour modification, and counselling. In 2015, in cooperation with a team of leading cardiologists, it opened ICATH Cardiometabolic Center providing comprehensive cardiology services from prevention to treatment including emergency and complicated cardiac catheterization and cardiac surgeries.

Since the beginning, Theptarin holds to its heart the Buddhism’s concept of middle path which is the root of “Sufficiency Economy Philosophy”, a thinking that values sustainability and happiness as end result. Theptarin was selected to be a case study and was invited to write a chapter in the book “Sufficiency Thinking: Thailand’s Gift to an Unsustainable World”, a book that tries to export the concept to the world.