The past few months caught us in a whirlwind of activities and change. Lots of change! Sometimes, it’s making my head spin. But in a good way.

Beginning with the fact that we’re no longer called IWGDF-Implementation. We’ve rebranded to D-Foot International.

Since April, the organisation is registered as an international non-profit association under Belgian law. But we’re keeping the IWGDF-Implementation tagline for a while longer—so everyone knows it’s us.

D-Foot International will continue to be a volunteer organisation promoting the global profile of diabetic foot prevention and management.

At the same time, we want to evolve from a volunteer-managed to a volunteer-led organisation. This will allow us to grow our activities.

Until now, we’ve thrived on creativity, flexibility and short, informal lines of communication. Nothing wrong with that. But growth inevitably means more robust systems, a sound governance foundation and scaling operations by involving great global talent. All this without crushing the agility, creativity and can-do attitude that makes the organisation so great in the first place.

That’s our plan for the next few months.

With the new persona comes a brand-new website. It’s still a work in progress, with only basic information and functionality at launch. But we’re working behind the scenes—thanks Bruno!—to make it more comprehensive, interactive and both fun and educational to visit.

We’ve also revamped our newsletter. If you’re not yet on the mailing list, do sign up. You can subscribe straight from the Homepage.

The transformation of the association is a process, but eventually, with good governance, sensible division of responsibilities and focused activities, we’ll end up with a mature, well-run organisation which promotes co-operation and develops strong partnerships—an organisation that makes a difference.

Exciting times!

Kristien Van Acker
D-Foot International