FLIRT (Research & BIRD) – Adapted footwear

Adapted footwear and offloading are mandatory for ulcer management and care. Yet, most people with diabetes in Low and Middle Income countries do not have access to protective footwear.

D-Foot’s Footwear in Low Income Regions all Together (FLIRT) works with academics and experts to develop footwear that can be made with locally sourced materials.

AB(b)A – In search of excellence

D-Foot encourages national expert diabetic foot units to become centres of excellence under the AB(b)A label, and are recognised as national reference centres.

The aim is to put in place different levels of foot care, integrated care pathways and fast-track referrals.

Continuous Auditing, Benchmarking and Accreditation (ABbA) assures and controls the required standard of quality.

The application and accreditation criteria will be updated in 2018.