Diabetic Foot International


Promotes the global profile of diabetic foot prevention and care through awareness, guidance, education, research and professional development.

Our aim is to prevent and reduce the number of amputations from diabetes worldwide. With our global network of dedicated, specialised footcare representatives, we focus on:

  • implementing the ’International Consensus on the Management and Prevention of the Diabetic Foot’ guidelines,
  • training healthcare professionals how to manage diabetic foot problems effectively and prevent amputations,
  • giving healthcare professionals strategies to implement, develop and sustain foot services,
  • guiding healthcare professionals how to train and support their colleagues,
  • promoting the recognition of diabetic foot specialists.

D-Foot International is the implementation group of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF). D-Foot International is an international non-profit association registered under Belgian law.


Kristien Van Acker (Belgium), President

kristien.van.acker@d-foot.org, +32 475 58 40 58

Zulfiqarali G Abbas (Tanzania), Vice-President

zabbas@d-foot.org, +255 754 693 376

Neil Baker (United Kingdom), Vice-President

neil.baker@d-foot.org +44 7587 176958

Nalini Campillo (Dom. Republic), Vice-President

nalini.campillo@d-foot.org, +1 (829) 764-1001

Shigeo Kono (Japan), Vice-President

shigeo.kono@d-foot.org, +81 90 2287 4349

Stephan Morbach (Germany), Vice-President

stephan.morbach@d-foot.org, +49 173 6057808

Mounia Sabasse (UAE), Vice-President

mounia.sabasse@d-foot.org, +971 50 320 7887

Vilma Urbančič Rovan (Slovenia), Vice-President

vilma.urbancic@d-foot.org , +386 41 792 771


Luc Hendrickx, Chief Executive Officer

luc.hendrickx@d-foot.org, +32 485 80 55 88