Summit Eduessence in Bogota

The SUMMIT EDUESSENCE 2021 of Diabetic Foot and Complex Wounds was held digitally from August 27-29 of 2021, whose transmission was from Bogota, Colombia, South America for all Latin America, event supported by D-Foot International, the Latin American Diabetes Association (ALAD) and the Colombian Association of Internal Medicine (ACMI).

It had the participation of 46 speakers, 25 of which were representatives of D-Foot from their respective countries (Afrika, Asia, North America, South America, Central America, Europe). More than 3200 participants were registered, and an average of 1600 were connected daily, from the following countries: Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia. The EDUESSENCE 2021 Diabetic Foot and Complex Wounds SUMMIT had a strong and positive impact on our region.