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DFI Online Education Series

Saturday Jan 29, 2022 (14:00-15:00 pm (CET), with Dr. William Jeffcoate and Dr. John Steinberg.

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iDEAL—Insights for Diabetes Excellence, Access and Learning

A joint D-Foot - iDEAL initiative

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2da Serie de webinars: SACA de Pie

A lo largo de junio y julio, D-Foot International organizará una serie de seminarios web sobre el pie diabético.

La inscripción y la asistencia son gratuitas.

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3 steps of diagnosis of diabetic foot osteomyelitis

On 6 May, D-Foot organised a free webinar to launch its 5th Info Card: "3 steps of diagnosis of diabetic foot osteomyelitis".

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Update on the diagnosis of acute Charcot foot and a practical approach to total contact casting

On 19 February, D-Foot organised a free webinar to launch its 4th Info Card: "5 steps to manage acute Charcot neuro-osteoarthropathy".

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D-Foot International webinar



José Luis Lázaro Martínez, President D-Foot International


13.00 Welcome from D-Foot International

13.10 Professor Michael Edmonds
"Ending avoidable lower limb amputations: the role of the multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinic"

13.30 Official Launch of Info Cards and videos on the D-Foot website

13.35 Dr Lee C Rogers  
"Diabetes and COVID feet"

13.50 Q&A session

14.00 Industry-sponsored lectures
14.00 Mölnlycke
14.15 Urgo Medical

14.30 D-Foot Board Commendation Awards and Regional Chair Nomination Awards

15.00 End

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AFR Regional webinar

This webinar is in French.


Rôle de l'infirmier dans la prise en charge du pied diabétique

Moderatrice: Professeur Maïmouna Ndour Mbaye (Sénégal), Regional Chair AFR


Introduction: Professor Maïmouna Ndour Mbaye (Sénégal)

Dr Marie Caroline Magne (Gabon)
"Diagnostic des lésions du pied" 

Dr Ibrahima Mané Diallo (Sénégal)
"Prise en charge et prévention des lésions du pied"

Discussion: tous les participants

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EUR Regional webinar



Moderator: Norina Alinta Gavan (Romania)


18.00 (CET) Introduction to the session by Regional Chairs
Roberto Anichini (Italy), Regional Co-Chair EUR Region
Norina Alinta Gavan (Romania), Regional Co-Chair EUR Region

18.05 (CET) Welcome from D-Foot International
José Luis Lázaro Martínez (Spain), President D-Foot International

18.10 (CET) Introduction to the Info Cards
José Luis Lázaro Martínez (Spain)

18.30 (CET) Diabetic foot and the collateral damage of the COVID crisis
Roberto Anichini (Italy)

18:45 (CET) Promoting of podiatry in European countries: differences and similarities across Europe
Norina Alinta Gavan (Romania)

19:00 (CET) Panel discussion with National Representatives
"Gaps. Barriers. Implementation. Solutions. Actions."
Vilma Urbančič-Rovan (Slovenia)
Oleg Udovichenco (Russia)
Ioan Veresiu (Romania)

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MENA Regional webinar



Ending avoidable amputation worldwide

Moderator: Professor Mohamed Sharkawy (Egypt)


Dr Bashir Tarazi, MD, Diabetologist (Palestine)
Vice-President Diabetes Palestine
"Why amputation? A case study"

Professor Hanan Gawish, MD, PhD Internal Medicine & Endocrinology (Egypt)
"Foot screening: why, when and how"

Professor Bagher Larijani, MD, FACE, Endocrinologist
"A multidisciplinary team approach in Iranian Diabetic Foot Research Group"

Dr Jamil Halaby, EMMR member (Lebanon)
"The 3 guilty delays"

Dr Sadiq Abdulla, Consultant Vascular Surgeon (Bahrain)
"The diabetic foot amputation: the never-ending challenge"

Professor Iman Zaky Ahmed, MD Internal Medicine & Endocrinology (Egypt)
"Diabetic foot: Where to start?"

Dr Abdul Razzak Abdul Aziz, DF Consultant (Syria)
"Educational steps to reduce amputation rates in diabetic foot society in Syria"

Dr Hamzah N Aboud, MD, PhD A. Prof. Orthopedic surgery (Iraq)
"How to avoid amputation on diabetic foot infection"

Professor Mohamed Elmakki Ahmed, MS FRCSI (Sudan)
"Prevention of lower extremity amputation in diabetics"

Dr Ihab Hanna, MS, MD, Dean of National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology. Vascular surgeon (Egypt)
"Saving soles to save souls"

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NAC Regional webinar



Diabetic Foot focus and update

Moderator: Simone McConnie (Barbados), Regional Chair NAC


Message from D-Foot International

Mr Rodney Juliet, General Surgeon (Curaçao)
"Trends of the diabetic foot in Curaçao during Covid – an ongoing view" 

Professor John Embril, Infection prevention and control unit University of Manitoba (Canada)
"Osteomyelitis evaluation and treatment"

Amor Forde, Podiatrist specializing in the diabetic foot - (Barbados)
"Shoes, Mechanics function and dysfunction – toes and feet"

Mr Emerson Budhoo, Orthopaedic Surgeon with speciality in foot and Ankle reconstructive surgery (Trinidad)
"Is it over? Closing the diabetic wound"

Dr Steven Wells, Podiatric Surgeon (USA)
"That exploding foot – Charcot"

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SACA Regional webinar



Nalini Campillo (Dominican Republic), Regional Chair SACA
Hermelinda Pedrosa (Brazil), Regional Chair SACA


Nalini Campillo (Dominican Republic)
”¿Por qué hacer una campaña de concientización en pie diabético? / Por que fazer uma campanha de conscientização sobre pé diabético? / Why do an awareness diabetic foot campaign?”

Hermelinda Pedrosa (Brazil)
”Lanzamiento de tarjetas de información y el material promocional/educacional de DFI-SACA. Lançamento de cartazes informativos e material promocional/educacional do DFI-SACA. Launching of informative cards and promotional/educational material for DFI-SACA.”

Maria Lucoveis (Brazil)
”Cuidados de enfermería en pie diabético / Cuidados de enfermagem no pé diabético / Nursing care for diabetic foot”

Ana Cristina Ravazzani (Brazil)
”Pie de Charcot, ¿Dónde estamos?/ Pé de Charcot, Onde estamos? / Charcot's foot, where are we?”

Donovan F. Ruiz (Ecuador)
”Pie diabetico y la EAP/Pé diabético e DAP/Diabetic foot and PAD”

Juan Ramon Baron (Honduras)
”Pie diabético durante COVID-19/Pé diabético durante COVID- 19/DF and COVID-19”

Todos / Everyone

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SEA Regional webinar



Moderator: Dr Vijay Viswanathan (India), President-Elect D-Foot International


Introductory video about the SEA Region

Patient experience sharing (importance of foot care)

Panel discussion among experts in diabetic foot
Dr Arun Bal (India)
Dr Samanthi Coraay (Sri Lanka)
Dr Sharad Pendsey (India)
Dr Milind Ruke (India)
Dr Vijay Viswanathan (India)
Dr Charitha Weerasinghe (Sri Lanka)

Innovations in diabetic foot in the SEA Region
Mr Velusami

Presentation on NCDs
Dr Cherlan Varghese (WHO)

Launch of Info Cards

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WP Regional webinar



Moderator: Gulapar Srisawasdi (Thailand)
Regional Chair D-Foot International Western Pacific Region


Greeting from José Luis Lázaro Martínez, President D-Foot International

Keynote lectures
Professor Michael Edmonds
"Ending avoidable lower-limb amputations: the role of the multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinic"

Dr Lee C Rogers 
"Diabetes and COVID feet"

Regional symposium (through zoom platform, 5 min/country)

Experience Sharing: Diabetic Foot Care during the COVID-19 in the Western Pacific Region 

Nicoletta Frescos, Georgina Frank (Australia)
Touch Khun, Alastair Hunt (Cambodia)
Ai-hong Wang (China)
Samson Chan (Hong Kong)
Em Yunir (Indonesia)
Harikrishna K R Nair (Malaysia)
Myint Thaung, Tin Myo Han (Myanmar)
Luino Tongson, Enrico de Jesus (Philippines)
Aziz Nather, Andrew Hong Choon Chiet (Singapore)
Yu-Yao Huang (Taiwan)
Gulapar Srisawasdi (Thailand)
Mai Trong Tri (Vietnam)

Aziz Nather (Singapore)
Launching of the" Save Feet, Save Lives" website

Heidi Corcoran, Vice-President D-Foot International  
Launching of 2 diabetic foot Info Cards

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